Ned Caswell

"We couldn't be happier. I've been around indoor tennis clubs my entire life and the lighting we just put in is the most consistent lighting I've ever seen . . ."

Bob Spilman

"We asked for 85 foot candles in our building and we're going to get 135! It's like playing outside, our members couldn't be happier. . ."

Jeff Urie

"To say our members are happy would be the biggest understatement of the year . . . We went from playing in a fog to basically enjoying a day on the beach with this new system . . ."

Neal Stapp

"They've been terrific. We save a lot of electricity each month. . .and we've doubled our foot candles per court."

Adam Angle

"It has been a tremendous savings for us. The lighting has been an absolute tremendous improvement, zero glare . . ."