Even tennis' rock stars agree, we are on to something.

“The combination of performance and aesthetics are incredible. And from what I have seen, LEDs4Sports has the best system in the world. I would recommend this system to any club serious about being the best in their market.”

Mats Wilander – Ranked #1 in 1988, Mats won 7 Grand Slam singles titles (3 at the French Open, 3 at the Australian Open, and at the US Open) as well as one Grand Slam men’s doubles title at Wimbleton.

Flying in the face of tradition, LEDs4Sports is setting a new standard in indoor lighting with the AllCourt LED Lighting System™.

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Direct lights that are bright and efficient.

80 lights per court - not a handful. With this many lights, they don’t need to be intrusive to be brilliant.

A control system that saves even more energy, generates huge rebates, and is frankly cool to use.

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Don't take Mats' word for it. Contact us and see for yourself. You'll be glad you did.

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