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The AllCourt Lighting System™

For years, the mantra was tennis lighting needed to be indirect. Tennis is an aerial sport and direct lights cause glare and make play difficult.

Not any more.

The AllCourt Lighting System™ uses 80 super efficient LED panels on every court – that’s 640 square feet of lights, almost a quarter of the size of your court - that’s a lot if lights. Individually, each light is not very bright, but with 80 panels shining down, light levels are unsurpassed while the lights look like nothing more than a bright ceiling.

No bright lights - but lots of dim ones.


The AllCourt Lighting System™ is unique in its ability, ease of maintenance, and installation. Once our electrical panels are installed in the ceiling, all the other maintenance is as simple as plugging in a new desk lamp. All the panels can be installed or removed without any tools. And since all the electrical connections safe and easy to use twist-lock connectors, there is no need for expensive electricians when its time for maintenance - which should be for at least 10-15 years.

Sturdy no-maintenance LED panels.

Each 75 Watt panel is supported by 4 cables. . .

Each 75 Watt panel is supported by 4 cables, providing both a clean and modern look, and superior safety - each cable is designed for up to an 80 lbs. fixture and has a load of less than 10 lbs. This cable system ensures that each panel is free to temporarily move in the event of a ball strike. This movement keeps the panel from absorbing most of the impact energy and helps to protect what is already an almost indestructible panel. Our unique hanging system makes replacing panels both quick and tool-less. Migrating from our 48 panel system to our 80 panel system is also easy - this can be done without tools, a licensed contractor or even turning the electricity off!

The LED driver. . .

The LED driver, a modern equivalent of the old ballasts is easily accessible from the back of the panel. However with a rated life of 400,000 hours, it may be a century before you need to access it.

Connecting panels together is easy, tool-less and safe. . .

Connecting panels together is easy, tool-less and safe. A simple twist of the connector is all that is needed to connect or disconnect power to a panel.

tech specs

Need more info? Please have a look at the tech specs of the AllCourt™ LED panel and feel free to download the flyer. We’ve used the latest technology and quality materials

Number of lights per court

Energy use


Color Temperature

Color Rendering Index (CRI)

Rated Life


UL Listed

DLC Qualified Product

CE Certified

ISO 9001

The AllCourt Lighting System is possibly the most efficient system in the world.

How can it possibly be made it even better?

By increasing the savings and the convenience with the WattsGoingDown™ controller. Download the flyer.

WattsGoingDown™ Lighting Controller

Controlling your lights is now as easy as 1, 2, 3

Smart Savings

Bright lights are awesome but for the times you don't feel like bragging, WattsGoingDown™ is there to save you money. Download the flyer.

Selectable Brightness

Every building and every market is unique. WattsGoingDown™ allows you to determine how bright your courts are when they are vacant or set to Recreation mode.

Fully Automatic

Court occupancy is automatically detected ensuring players are never left in the dark but preventing wasted energy on unused courts.

Want Remote Control?

There's an app for that!

scroll down

WattsGoingDown™ Mobile App

Connect to the WattsGoingDown™ System from your iPhone and other iOS devices, Android devices, and even mobile web. Managing your court lighting is easy and only a touch away.

Many Benefits

If paying for your new lights through energy savings in 2 to 3 years wasn't enough, here are a few more of the many benefits to choosing the AllCourt™ Lighting and WattsGoingDown™ Control Systems.

Save on your energy bills

With the combination of our LED panels and our WattsGoingDown™ Control System, a court's energy savings can easily reach thousands of dollars per year.

Silent operation

The AllCourt™ Lighting System is silent, allowing your players to hear the sounds of the game instead of the buzz of lights overhead.

Virtually zero maintenance

Our system is engineered to exceed 100,000 hours of continuous use without failure. In other words, 100% pure enjoyment.

Even and direct light

Court visibility has never been this good. The entire surface of the court is fully illuminated allowing players to keep sight of the ball with no glare or blind spots.

No warm-up time

Unlike conventional lights, our direct LED panels power on instantly allowing your players to immediately enjoy their beautifully lit court.

Proven technology

Our lighting is approved by Underwriters Laboratories™, listed with DesignLights Consortium™, CE certified, and manufactured to strict ISO 9001 standards ensuring that your lights will always meet or exceed their rated specs.

Cloud based mobile app

Manage your lights remotely through the WattsGoingDown™ cloud based mobile app.

Smart controller

Thanks to the intelligence inside the WattsGoingDown™ controller you can easily save an additional 40% on your energy bill.

Per court lighting

Adjust light levels on a court by court basis.

Lighting status

Know what mode your court lights are in even from home.

Occupancy detection

With the WattsGoingDown™ controller, your players will never be left in the dark and money is never wasted on vacant courts.

Court Analytics

Gain powerful insights into your courts' monthly usage.

Fast installation

Transform your sports facility one court per day

Low impact and convenient

Allow your members to enjoy your club with minimal disruption. And with no interuptions to your club's evening schedule.

We are very pleased with the new LED system! Our team players, members and Student Athletes are especially delighted with the new lights. Even our opponents and guests have commented on the quality. Thank you LEDs4Sports.

Meg Peavey

Associate Director BRTC, University of Louisville

We love our new AllCourt lighting system, and it has had an tremendous positive impact on Sheffield Indoor Tennis Center. Our players immediately saw a big difference with the new lights and our entire facility is noticeably brighter.

Ramsey Smith

Head Men’s Tennis Coach, Duke University

The entire staff and membership absolutely love our new lighting system; energy efficient, excellent lighting, the on off sensor, just love everything. The entire process of working with David and his team on our new lighting project was delightful. We could not be more happy.

Alan Rader

General Manager, Chapel Hill Tennis Club

About Us

LEDs4Sports, formerly known as CleanTech Athletics, designed its first tennis court lighting system for USTA Hall of Fame tennis star Cliff Buchholz in 2007. Since then, we have been continuously redesigning and improving indoor tennis lighting. The first from the ground up design was a direct/indirect T5 fluorescent lighting system that is being used in 26 US states as well as Canada and Europe. The first iteration of our most recent design, the ground-breaking AllCourt LED Lighting System™ introduced in July of 2014, reset all expectations for performance (over 90 foot-candles) and efficiency (less than 6 kW of power at full brightness). As a result, the AllCourt LED Lighting System™ has been embraced by facilities ranging from the prestigious Army-Navy Country Club to the University of Louisville.

LEDs4Sports offers unparalled service and products that are

Pioneered by Visionaries

Endorsed by Champions

Envied by Competitors


Loved by Players


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to

What about permits and rebates?

Unlike some competitors who simply ship you a pile of lights, LEDs4Sports provides a hassle-free turnkey experience. From scheduling your job to your final walkthrough, your involvement is minimal and enjoyable. We take care of the permits, rebates, electricians and financing. We’ll do the heavy lifting - you enjoy your new lights.

How long will the installation take?

We pride ourselves on being able to install lights on at least one court per day. The average complete installation is usually wrapped up in less than a week with as little impact to your members as possible.

Are these lights good for the environment?

No, they are GREAT for the environment! The AllCourt™ LED lights will use 36 carloads of coal less for each tennis court every year!!

So what happened to CleanTech Athletics?

CleanTech Athletics is still here, alive and well, and is the legal parent company of LEDs4Sports came about as a desire to better align our front facing branding with the markets we serve.

Do I have to have the WattsGoingDown™ controller? None of the other companies even offer it.

Yes, it's integrated into the AllCourt™ LED Lighting System and will account for greater overall energy savings. When it comes to rebates, in most cases, you will get a much larger rebate than what can be obtained if you only had the new lights. Plus, it enables you to control your lights like never before, including remotely. We can't say for sure why other lighting manufacturers don't offer it. We just know the WattsGoingDown™ controller is fun to use and saves you big money.

Are you the only company offering a LED panel system for sports?

No, but our patent pending AllCourt™ Lighting System was the first. Anything else is just a weak attempt to fit in with the cool kids.


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